Everything is going to be different today… The first weekend of Lockdown tier 3 and I am back to being restricted to local exercise only. For myself my local area is the city centre and I normally do a loop of the ring road.

During the first lockdown we were limited to 1 hour of exercise, for me personally this was not enough time for me to to feel as though I had actually achieved anything. It was the height of the summer and as I live in a block of flats it was too hot to just sit around all day.

During lockdown 1.0 the city was silent, it was like a ghost town and was rather peaceful apart from the groups of people who were sat on fargate with a bottle of white lightening and the little pot of spice. However once the restrictions were lifted it was fairly quick to revert back to some form of normality.

Lockdown 2.0 in all honesty if you did not watch the news or read the papers you would not have been able to tell, the city was still busy the only difference was the shops were closed. It was like walking through the city centre on a Sunday afternoon in the year 2000 before we became a 24 hour society.

All in all as I look back on week 1 of lockdown 3.0 I feel this is a mixture of both previous lockdowns. The shops are still closed and the footfall in the city is still rather high but this time we have closed the schools and the universities. As I write this hospital admissions have risen over 80% over the past fortnight, I fear that this is the beginning of further restrictions.

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